The writings in the blog and the vlog entries represent the author’s personal opinions about poker and investing. The material on the blog and vlog entries should in no way be interpreted as investment advice or investment advice within the meaning of the Securities Markets Act. Each investor and poker player makes his own decisions. Poker related content are representations of the bloggers own abilities to judge how to play poker and it is not materiel used directly as coaching advices.

The blog therefore does not contain any suggestions for buying or selling or directly how to play poker. Investment advice is a licensed activity and the author of the blog does not have any training or legal right to do so.

The blog’s information about investing, the economy and the financial affairs of listed companies represents the author’s own opinions and thoughts. This information is generated by the author or by parties outside the blog. The blog writer does not have any financial education, so the author of the blog is not responsible for the accuracy of the information it produces.

The blog writer is not responsible for the correctness of the information provided by third parties attached to or referred to in the blog. The blog writer is therefore not responsible in any way for the consequences of using the information and material contained in this blog for investment or any other activity that may affect the security of the individual economically, mentally or physically.

The blog writer is therefore not responsible for any loss or loss of profit or loss resulting from the blog’s content, whether directly or indirectly, from the blog’s content or third party. The blog reader is urged to take a critical look at the material in the blog amd vlog entries and to understand that the blog writer does not necessarily deal with the subject matter objectively, but on the basis of his own opinions, values ​​and views.

The reader must understand that the information on the blog and the vlog videos may be incorrect. There are always risks associated with investing. The value or return on investments may rise or fall and the investor may even lose all the capital invested. Historical development is not a guarantee of future returns. A blog writer/vlog videographer engages in affiliate ad collaboration with businesses in multiple blog/vlog links and ads. A blog reader and vlog viewer should understand that a blog writer/vlog maker can get money from this affiliate advertising, for example, through ad clicks and through customer accounts opened through them. The blogger/vlogger is not responsible for the harm to the blog readers and vlog watchers caused by these third parties.

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