Spin and Go Blog is a GO!

It has been long time coming again. So here we go. Brand new shiny blog and totally feeling the bubble burst of comfortzone. So welcome to my blog about Spin and goes and Investing and random rambles of life, travel, healthy habits etc. that should be incorporated to navigate thru the highly competitive scene of Poker and investing.

So for the year of 2019 and inSpinnity I have left the cashgames and MTT poker scene due several irl reasons and returned to my roots of tournament poker.

With health gains and meds hitting the spot I am able to do the heavy duty grinds that tournament poker require. I ended my cash games and MTT journey and am now getting nice coaching for the lottery poker format which I will be playing mainly in Winamax Poker.

I am playing in the great team of professionals and poker players from all walks of life in SmartSpin team. As it is due to this fact I am going to be using my poker winnings mainly on reinvesting them to grow my at the moment of this post a rough 1k€ portfolio.

So thanks for the read and sorry for the “messy” look as I am still trying to make this blog work but needed to get this starting post off the to-do-list.

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