How to crush the 2€ Expresso Spin & Go games.

I just completed the first stage of my SmartSpin contract by crushing the 2€ Expresso Spin & Go games. The games are super soft and anyone with at least a semi valid understanding of the format will not have problems to crush The field.

Expresso Spin and go 2€ graph
2€ volume completed

ABC Poker strategy 3 way Spin & Go

With a very simple plan you can beat these games in Winamax. Always remember that the money is made in heads up situation. So your main objective in the beginnong is to get into heads up situation with a playable stack. This mean you play button with tighter range than for example on other sit & go formats. One of my biggest problems as a SNG and MTT player was to think about ICM that doesn’t apply to Spin & Go winner takes all format. You will learn all about the proper ranges if you decide to join a Spin and go stable like

Heads up for rollz

This is where the money is made so its do or die time. My quick Analysis on Winamax 2€ playerpool on HU situation is that they fold too much which means when they play big they usually have something..or just epic TV poker air bluffs. You can visit my Instagram linked on this blog or watch the video on the bottom of my March report. I have tons of funny hands posted there. So keep putting pressure on the fish on and if they play back hard just give up. On short stacks I was able to make some marginal folds as I felt going in with at least a coinflip will be worth the wait between 4-8 big blinds.

Push or Fold

For this it is the most simple way to have a hud on you tracker with nash charts in it. But for example many sites have been limiting those out on their games. In Winamax they are still allowed. If you don’t have a hud you can always use charts available for free on sites like

Nash push or fold charts for poker
Nash equillibrium heads up Poker


A quick glanze to populatioin tendensies show that when HU you should take advantage on the already weak looking preflop stats. Three way the villains play way too wide and again by playing tight but aggro on that situation you again gain a lot of chips before the push and fold situation in which with bigger stack you don’t get knocked out of the HU or land there with a massive stack. This makes heads up a lot more easier.

Thanks for the read again! Next up 5€ games. GL and HF all!

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