Poker Grind – SmartSpin Ironman

Poker Grind – SmartSpin Ironman

The secret to success and being successful is that I do things I like. What feels good, what’s nice to do. Not just because something has to be done, but I really feel the feelings of enthusiasm about what I do. I want to do just that. So I don’t do things because of doing it, but because it’s done challenging myself on a subject I love. I love Expresso Poker so I must love the Poker Grind!

Performance is something I could also write about. It is often seen in poker, fitness, everyday life and work. Like Sun Tzu has written: Every battle is won before it is fought. So plan ahead and then execute is the major start for every successful challenge in Poker or in which ever challenge you are taking on. So even if performance is nowadays highly regarded as the key for success you have to have plan set before you show up.

Show up every day, and crush the goals!

The secret to success lies in being able to continue. The ongoing Ironman Challenge in SmartSpin is just about taking action and not quitting. Its an endurance battle of consistency and mental wear out. And its these kind of challenges people should put themselves through in order to be ready for hardships that will loom ahead.

Take the challenge and grind through it!

Doing challenges like this will inspire you to do more. You will feel good and want to do more. You want to make it to the finish line, not just for money, but to get it done and crush the challenge. Pushing yourself to grind it out daily might not be great for monetary reasons. As it is you will eventually sit down and play on days that you cannot play A-game only. But this is the secrets sauce to turning yourself into a winner. Turning your C and B game better will make you loose less. This means you will win more and you will eventually nudge your A game ahead too.

Goal setting, MAKE THEM BIG!

The secret of success I see around me are the people who can set themselves near unrealistic goals and not get crushed by the hardship. They have the energy and the desire to push towards the goals step by step. They are thinking about what they should be doing daily in order to reach the high end goals. I’ve been watching some of these people – they will plan ahead, and go to their targets. They do it by implementing a step by step strategy. They know how to weigh profitable steps, make a plans, set goals, manage their time, track results, and make changes at high speed when needed.

Pushing the limits!

I started my Ironman grind on April with a set goal of 1h a day. We had a minivacation for my 40th birthday so that koncked out few days from the schedule. I also had some very tiresome days so I was able to barely keep in the race for the challenge taking the maximum days off from the grind. But I had set up a 25 games/day goal and I crushed it. See results in here. I felt great! For may I have set up a 30 games/day average and so far I have been crushing it without any difficulties. I am quite sure that pushing myself to 35 games/day for June won’t be a problem. As it is the grind will eventually turn into a habit.

Turning the grind into a habit!

The cunning plan on challenges like this is the fact that you will get accustomed to pushing yourself. Studies show that en estimated 30days of repetition will turn the repeated thing into a habit. and as habits tend to be the more accustomed they come the more you can push them. So you can constantly keep pushing yourself within the habit you create. For us Spin and Go players the poker grind is real. The EV comes from playing the game in large volumes. And you can only push yourself into the volume step by step.

Build up to become the champion of the poker grind!

No one can sustain poker grind starting by putting in the absolute max volume from the get go. You have to build up the poker grind. You have to build your mental muscle and physical muscles to endure the grind. It is the same in any skillset you are looking to crush. 99% of the people cannot turn themselves into Ultrarunners by starting their “journey” by signing up to 160km race and try to finish without single running steps taken before it. As it is it the race will wear you out long before the finish line. Same applies to the poker grind. Just start with monthly goals and you will notice they will come easier and easier. Next month add volume, rinse and repeat.

Keep pushing! Grind and WIN

Always keep pushing for bigger steps! If you stop pushing you will turn stagnant and bored and eventually throw in the towel. So keep pushing, set challenges to yourself within the goals you have set for yourself and you will see how it changes your ability to turn yourself into the true champion of the grind!

Thanks for the read and as always GL&HF!


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