Winamax Expressos with SmartSpin

Winamax Expressos with SmartSpin

First full month playing Winamax Expressos with SmartSpin. I continued my 2€ Expresso grind that I had started during March. I was able to reach the given goal 75000cEv at 805 games played total from the get go. This happened right around halfway thru the month. After that I continued in the 5€ games. Graph below is the final results graph for 2€ games. You can read more about it in here.

2€ games final results.

5€ Expresso grind begins!

With promotion to 5€ games it was guaranteed to reach Silver VIP in Winamax.

Silver VIP

The games did took a change on the way villains play. Mostly we are looking at shove on totally random flops with quite randomish holdings. Also the villains float a lot more and call 3bets lighter than the villains at 2€ games. So that did kill the redline on my chip graphs. I finished the month on 5€ games with 60cEv/game. All in all very satisfied how well I got into the games after the initial adjustments.

Typical villains at 5€ Winamax Expressos.

If you want a quick analysis on the players at 5€ limit keep reading!

Like I stated earlier the typical villains do not differ too much from 2€ villains. The biggest difference the overly aggressive repping of hands on the flop and the river. Villains go broke at ease with 3rd pair. But it is not too uncommon that hero goes broke with top pair top kicker and end up being behind vs. villains totally unorthodox holding two pair hand. I will be conducting a general population analysis on the 5€ villains as soon as I get 1000 games played at the level.


Moving up from 2€ Winamax Expressos to 5€ games did not make a massive change into my gameplan. The villains are bit more agressive but totally beatable with good range selection and playing your value holdings well. Postflop most villains seem to be as clueless as they were in 2€ Expressos but at leas during April the villains were running good. Hope this changes in May and I will get to realize my equity on these games. You can find a video report on this from The Vlog section.

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