Probabilities of Spin & Go multipliers in 2019

Below I will gather Information about different Spin and Go format poker and the probabilities. These listings are as of May 10 2019 and are subject to change. Winamax Expresso Probabilities My favourite site to play Jackpot format poker. You can read about my games at winamax from the blog category. Largest jackpots and highest … Read moreProbabilities of Spin & Go multipliers in 2019

Poker Grind – SmartSpin Ironman

The true Poker Grind challenge

The secret to success and being successful is that I do things I like. What feels good, what’s nice to do. Not just because something has to be done, but I really feel the feelings of enthusiasm about what I do. I want to do just that. So I don’t do things because of doing … Read morePoker Grind – SmartSpin Ironman

Winamax Expressos with SmartSpin

April Results playing Winamax Expressos with SmartSpin

First full month playing Winamax Expressos with SmartSpin. I continued my 2€ Expresso grind that I had started during March. I was able to reach the given goal 75000cEv at 805 games played total from the get go. This happened right around halfway thru the month. After that I continued in the 5€ games. Graph … Read moreWinamax Expressos with SmartSpin

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